weeeeeeeee 3

oh yeahh . lupa . this is the hot gossip ever . its about PUAKA PRS :) a girl . our form . but not one of the prs :) why did we called her as puaka ? cause she cant take a good care of her mouth ? oh damn , i dont know how the hell was her dormmates could stand with her . like seriously , haihh kalau aku , dah lama aku campak dia dalam pacific ocean so that she could be eaten by sharks :)

aman dunia . haha . astaraghfirullahalazim . bukan nak aib kan tp nak bg peringatan to those who cant take care of her mouth , yeah i know im not perfect as well and i love to perli2 thinggy tp takdalah macam dia . just imagine that ramai seniors i repeat RAMAI SENIORS pun cant stand with her words and the boys too . haihh .

you know , being as prs aint easy . so , x payah nak complain sangat la weh . we know our job , we did our job . so stay out of our business . pandai lah kami nak jaga adik adik kami ini . ni , nak complain : prs teruk ahh . tak reti buat aktiviti lah . bosan lah . manjakan sangat lah . eh HELLO ! LISTEN ! let me tell you something . apa guna nya kalau ALLAH bg manusia otak ? untuk berfikir right ? kalau kita garang sangat with the kids , alamatnya , semua form 1 lari balik rumah . theres no such thing as form 1 in semashur . they'll set their minds saying that semashur teruk la , senior garang la . kau nak ke ? nnti when it happens , kau jugak cakap kiteorang teruk . eh whatthehell lah . even the teachers saying that the orientasi should be FUN AND LOTS OF GAMES AND TO TREAT THEM NICELY NOT FIERCELY . think . just think about it .

its not like , aku nak cari gaduh , no but just to remind you , think before you speaks and think before you act :) x nak gaduh leee . bosan :) kita kan tgv :)