weeeeeeeee 2

eh eh , ada sikit je lagi sambungaan pasal form 1 okay :)

ohh tau lagu batch diorang apa ? well , its DOMINO by jessie j ( bukan olin ) picked by me weeeee and lyrics dibubah by me and iffatee :) that song sumpah best ! you guys should listen to it :D

we're feeling cool and free
like glitters raining on us
we like a shot of pure gold
we're think we're bout to explode

we can taste the tension like the cloud of smoke in the air
now we're breathing like we're running cause you're taking me there
dont you know , we're having fun in semashur

oo ooo o ooo

we can do this all night
turn this school skin tight
1216 come on
oo oo oo oo
we're gonna stand up
sparking up a rhythm
1216 come on

ooo o oo oo

shine our batch into the sunlight
make our dream the best we've ever known
focus study in the moonlight
take us up like we're a superstar

every second is a highlight
when we stand dont ever tear us apart
respect teachers and seniors
take us up like we're a supertar

haaa macam tu lah :) you guys wanna try sing along ? pun boleh . bukak lyrics asal this song and try to fit in . best :) heeee :)

oh and to my talent night group , for god sake , on that night , i was so damn proud of you guys . sumpah ! i know , pentomin is the hardest to make it success , but you guys showed to us the prs and to your parents that you guys had made it . wanna know something ? act kan , time rehearsal , kita , abg edward , was so like worried nak mampus and sorry to say , act , eerrr okay takut la nak cakap , okay here it goes , actkitatakyakinkorangbolehbuatandithoughtyourperformancewillgoingtobesucks . oh my god ! sorry :'( tp you guys had make my mind wrong . thats why , on that night , sumpah , you guys make me proud sampai nak menangis kot haha :) you guys are awesome :) thank you so much :)

and for others , dikir barat , choral speaking , koir , boria , you guys are awesome as well :)