woahh may god !!! whats with my blog ni ? there's a lot of spider web everywhere :0 ohh lupa , mana tak bnyak nya , dah lama x update -.-' heeee :D

so , hey ho readers ! ops sorry lupa . assalamualaikum :)

how ya guys doing ? great ? fine ? hows school ? okay knock it off . its not like they're gonna answer through their blog -.-' *talking to myself . so , its been about 3 and a half weeks right in this 2012 ? weehhhhh act kan kan kan , theres a lot or maybe thousands of stories ni mwehehehe . semua nak cerita . malas nak baca ? i dont give a damn care :)

okay . let start with form 1 . 1216 semashur <3

my god , sumpah , for god sake , me love them so much . ye lah kan , more than a week spent time with them and skipping class just for them . i would sacrifice whatever it takes for my beloved 1216 semashur <3 the orientasi was great . well at first , like seriously , it was so DEAD BORING ! blame the prs form 4 tgv cause we aint prepare a thing plus this year the form 1 students registered gila awal weh :0 4th jan dah datang . awal kan awal kan . but maybe not to blame us sangat la kan cause this is our first time organised something right :) so , hey , give us chance .

so after A DAY , we , the prs got more better activities to do . MORE FUN . MORE EXTREME :) and we got a lot of maniac things to do . even for the prs only , usually , after letting the kids go for recess or balik asrama or end of the activity , the prs will stay back and we've having fun each other . like , we've playing caplicacaca kan ? mcm ni kan ejaan dia ? -..-' then we've played truth or dare . hehehehe ;) its okay , to those yang kena and had been told the stories , its okay , antara prs je :) and syirot's game , tangkap tikus :D haha and also hari's song tinggi tinggi gunung kinabalu , tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu . at first i was like , shut up . thats annoying and after he sang the song like EVERYDAY and i was like , okay not bad la kan haha :p

ohh yeahh . not to forget , act kan kan kan , during the orientasi , the prs had used a fake name . we pick artist name . why ? eh suka hati lah -..-' haha no lah , cause our plan is like , by the end of orientasi , they had to find us by real name and pandai2 lah teka kan :) unfortunately , we're like so busy with talent night , we didnt have the chance to did that and yeahh tergantunglah , our name :'( what is talent night ? it is like urmm the kids i mean form 1 students have to show their talents towards their parents :) cool right ? ;) ohh lupa . below are the prs's fake names :)

me-lady gaga :D
iffatee-katy perry
farah azizi-j.lo
haziqah roslan- arthur
syirot-taylor swift
aufa-miley cyrus
aida syahidah-willy wonka
irfan-bruno mars
nazril/pakyan-tom cruise
haha :D cehh wah nama nak glamour je kan -..-' haha so , thats us :) well , frankly speaking , WE'RE THE COOL LIDDAT :D

ohh and there a lil bit pic of us . *taken by iffa's camera act -.-' heee

okay buruk , i know , whatever -.-'

di museum :)

well this is my fav pic of all .
sweet kan kiteorang ? :D
be jelous dude
nikellyezanyPRS BERJAYA :)