you are my sunshine :)

okay , drop it -.-' . act , al nadzmy had sent me a request to update my blog about a new story . and i was like what ? x de story la derr . then tonight , like tadaaaa *light bulb . i know what im going to post .

ohh and al , kalau kau x suka cerita ni , blah -.-' . haha , kidding , kau kan my vvvvvvip :)

so here's the story . my LONG AGO GIRLFRIEND is back home . yeahh :D her name is ALIYA AZMAN . ohh i miss you so much like seriously dead meat . heheww :*

i miss you so much la dohh . you left us , for a quite long time . 4 years dude , 4 years . but hey , lucky you , didnt have to take the UPSR and PMR kan . 3 days to go for your friends here to take result . wish the best for us , will ya :'( .

and yeahh . seriously , bila nak jumpa ? rindu sgt ni wehh :'( but unfortunately , i'll be away to penang lah this tuesday smpi lah the day result keluar . if i achive those A boleh la keluar dgn serta merta , but if i dont , i might see you next year :'( . damn , im so afraid la aliyaaaaa :"( .
and maybe we should sleepover . we could end our nights with chit chat and stories . for sure you got a lot stories right ? yeahh so do us . ohh cant wait the moment :D
remember , our moments at the sek agama ? haha so funny . and remember our crushes when we're in 5th grade . haha cehh *bajet je . im still remember your crushed and idzni's . ohhh and and remember my crushed time darjah 5 tak ? yg pengawas tuh kan , fyi , for almost 3 years x jumpa dia , hari tuh i went to the pasar malam with hazirah and guess what man , i saw him in a distance ! and he's still cute like before . and i was like so excited ohh . idk la if he remember me ke tak . ahaha it was so long time ago , sampai gaduh dgn awek dia kan ? haha kakak2 idzni -.-' . haha lol :P all the moments are still fresh in my minds . i'll tell you the story more detail later okayhh . oh and leave me a call . nanti kita calling calling . haha miss your voice jugak . but hey , just dont be too surprise la kan if you meet me someday . pffft -.-'

so readers , the pic below ni la aliya <3
she's cute right :')
ahahaha mcm that snowman lol :p

huhh what a night . so exiting although yeahh im still in crying mood but i put it aside for a while just because i miss my aliya so much and how happy i am , she had return :)
nikellyezany :*