please ..

ya allah , aku mohon pada mu ,
tabah kan lah hati ini ,
mengapakah hati ini sungguh lemah kerana lelaki itu ya allah ,
aku pasrah dan redha akan segala ketentuanmu
amin .

i just dont know what's wrong with me lately . i mean like , my hobby now is crying . yeahh crying . my tears wont stop falling from my eyes . like i've cried for a lot of things you know . okay fine go ahead and keep calling me cenggeng or manja or sensitive . but the reality is , i am a sensitive . im just being me . please if you hate it , just go . im tired . i know all these things is the ujian from Allah . :)

but you guys dont know how i felt inside . waaayyyy deep inside my heart . only Allah know how pain is it .

and as we all know , the PMR results will be here soon . and yeahh im lying if im saying that i aint afraid for a lil bit , in fact , im so damn nervous and scared . these thing is like creepy you know . the thing im scared tho most is , my result . if i achieve those A , alhamdulillah , but if i dont , sorry mummy and papa for letting you down :'( and i know , whatever the result is , i have to be redha with it . maybe Allah had made a better plan for me . wallahualam , who knows right :)

ohh btw ,
cann i do this ?

and this ?
maybe i can feel a lil bit calm if i did it :/

ohh and fyi , i've been like this girl below lately .
yeahh sitting alone and thinking of him :/
i know ,
one word that suite me

yeahh you're special to me .
since the day you introduce yourself to me .
you used to search me like a maniac
but now ,
you ignore me .
yeahh ever realized that ?
no youre not
cause youre having fun with
your life
your soulmate .
but hey
im happy for you
althought it hurts A LOT

ohh please lahh elly , why do you have to wasting all your tears just for him . just let him go lah . idk whats wrong with you . everyday and every single night , you'll be crying again and again . please stop it lah elly . like seriously . you'll be a maniac girl if you just keep on crying for him . dah la . please . just stop it . ohh and great you're post this thing while crying . just nice ! huhh
nikellyezany :'(