shout out PMR #1

teheeee :3 finally that moment yg sangat mendebarkan had come to the end :) okayy mehh sini nak story2 sikit . siapa yang x nak baca , bye bye okay :)

22.12.2011 is the most terrifying date to the PMR victims . and yeah for me as well . the PMR victims have to go to their own schools to take their results . well , if they didnt achieve what they want , its okay . Allah had a better plan for you :) and for those who achieve their dreams ,syukur alhamdulillah :)

on 22.12.2011 . im at penang and i couldnt make it to go to semashur . so my mummy said that just know the results by sms kpm . and early in the morning , mummy woke me up and went to breakfast . well the jerejak hotel's food was awesome and super yummy but i lost my appetite . maybe im so nervous . you know cause im going to know my result a lil bit earlier than my friends as im going to sms the kpm . so tick tick tock and finally its 10 o'clock and its time . yeahh i was crying cause im too scared . im afraid that i failed to get what i've dream all this while you know .

and with all my strength i got , im doing the bravest thing i had in my life . so waiting and waiting . and for god sake , my heart beats pounder every second like seriously . okay then that kpm said please try again later . and i was like pftttt -.-' 3 times i sent but the answer from kpm is still the same . try again later .

and its 12 . we had to checked out from the hotel and from our hotel we took the boat as our hotel were on an island named jerejak island . suddenly , camy called me . and she asked about my result . i said to her that pkm was so lembab and i dindt know yet my result then she offered herself to check on my result and i was like crying again on that boat . yeahh that chinesse besides me was like looking at me and did the weird face -.-' and i was like mapus kau lah , aku tgh cuak ni -.-' so camy had represented me to check . then when dah sampai on the jetti , i called cmy and she said x sempat nak check sbb cikgu dah x de . and i was like again , crying . duhh its so hard to me you know .

3 mins later , camy texted me and said , elly 8A , congratulations :D . then i was like jangan la main2 dohh :'( and she called me again she said she's not playing around . and i was like tipu lah cause i dint believe it at first , then she was like ya allah , sumpah la and , you kno what i did after that
? hahahaha

i was like MUMYYYYYYY ! and jumping like theres nobody on that jetti . yeahh all the people were looking at me and like ' pahal budak ni ' -.-' and i was like , hugged my mummy and cakap , straight A and my mum was like mana tau ni and cried :') haha . i told her that camy yang bgtau , then my mum cakap confirm ke , kang salah malu je -.-' so my mum talked to teacher lisnieza and yup , its true :)

alhamdulillah :) and yet till now , i was like betul ke ni ? haha :) awhh im so happy . thank you Allah :)

the best moment in my life is i get to know my PMR result on the boat <3
nikellyezany :)