schools -..-' can go die

hey ! its schools holiday . yeahh i know . the end of schools holiday is just around the corner . yeahh sorry okay . i dont have much time to updating this blog . so ffuuhhhhhh . lot of spiders web here -.-' 

. so , hey ! hows your life doing ? just fine ? ;) i'll bet it was . well mine ? totally s**ks -.-' . like seriously . no doubt but i hate my schools so much . gosh , it makes me crazy all the times with the rules things . like hello ! i got a life . you cant just arrest me from going anywhere that i want during saturday and friday . go and do that to your own kids . i am not your kids . totally no and never gonna be . do you copy that ?

so get the hell out of my life . actually , i dont hate the school . i love school . but with the presence of new old woman in that schools makes me hate till death of semashur . you changed everything in semashur . you ruined our life . because of you , one of the teacher that i love will moved out . so because of that , i hate schools . i dont want to go there .i'd rather do anything than go to school !

every time im in school , i feel so depressed . so feel like wanna suicide . shit . i hate schools . i dont like it . and yeahh dear spoilt brat juniors , well done ! you make that school turn into your school ! no longer seniority . and now its juniority . happy ? well done . big clap for you guys ! and because of you guys , tenth gen vigilante had become stink ! stink on the name . yeahh thanks to you guys :) no , really . THANKS A LOT ! next time , please report la banyak banyak okay :) 

i hate school . i hate rules . i hate some of the prefects . i hate some of the teachers there . i hate barua . i hate you !
nikellyezany *pissed off --'