finally , i got an idea what to post :Di miss my dancing team lah :D

yeahh . i miss them a lot , for god sake la kan :'( we used to dance sampai pukul 3 pagi right . sbb nak perfectkan our dancing . and yeahh every night since we started dance i'll take a bath after practising due to the sweat sbb semangat sangat dance . haha lol . but its worth it . :)
if you guys notice la kan , the dancing ni mcm ukhwah tau . this thing merapatkan lagi our silaturrahim . who said the naqibah cant join the dancing ? look the example of aida syahifah and uzma , chill je kan :) drpd x rapat , we're get more closer thanks to the dancing :)

kurik kundi <3
so girls , always keep on practising to be the perfect one because practise makes perfect right .
and yeahh dancing need a dicipline .
haha i know , im not good at dicipline but hey i'll try my best if it takes for dancing
dancing is my soul <3
nikellyezany :)